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15. January 2002

Jennifer was involved in a minor car crash


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We are two teenagers from Europe whose favourite actress is of course Jennifer Aniston. So we made a site about her and we hope that this site will be one of the best sites about Jennifer on the net. Don't forget to bookmark the site because it'll grow.
Site designer: bobyx
Contents designer: Hilly

Site news

30. November 2001
Filmography updated, news updated.

26 November 2001
Videos are working again.

12. October 2001
We have a discussion board where you can post your thoughts about Jennifer Aniston and talk about lots of other stuff. Visit it now. Click here.

22. September 2001
New pictures available in gallery 9.

19. September 2001
News updated. 24 new pictures added to galleries 8 and 9. New Spicy gallery added to existing galleries.

16. September 2001
News updated.

13. September 2001
 8 new pictures added to our photo gallery.

12. September 2001
I redesigned the site. I hope you like it. I also updated filmograpy and the news page. You can now buy posters and pictures of Jennifer Aniston in our shop.

7. September 2001
News updated - I've added news from 20. July till 4. September.

22. January 2000
Site online